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Nantucket Footprints, a program of Remain Nantucket, serves as an online and social media hub for amplifying abundant community-wide sustainability efforts on Nantucket and offering original educational content. Its commitment to the environment ignites meaningful conversations, inspires positive change and builds partnerships.  

The Vision

Nantucket Footprints believes that every choice has an impact. By empowering individuals through educational opportunities and by instilling a sense of responsibility, together we will be better stewards of the planet.

The Mission

To magnify the impactful work of nonprofit organizations and the Town of Nantucket, all dedicated to preserving and nurturing the island community.

The Project

was made possible through Remain Nantucket.

Every Choice Has An Impact

A Resource for Sustainability

Nantucket Footprints transitions to social media, original content and interactive initiatives

Since 2018, Nantucket Footprints has curated an array of resources, news, events, programming, research and engaging webinars, all gathered under one comprehensive umbrella on its website. The aim was to ignite meaningful conversations and inspire positive change by offering a single platform for community sustainability efforts. 


Exciting changes are underway at Nantucket Footprints as the program evolves to meet the ever-changing digital landscape, while supporting local nonprofits and enhancing outreach to the community. In 2023, Nantucket Footprints will transition away from using the website, and instead focus on its social media platforms. 


In addition, Nantucket Footprints will continue to offer original content, including Virtual Gardens Tours, podcasts and other interactive media. This strategic move allows Remain to foster a more direct approach to both stay engaged with the community and connect followers to the people who are working to make Nantucket more sustainable and resilient. 


“As we embrace this transformation, we invite you to actively engage with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with community sustainability leaders,” said Virna Gonzalez, project manager at Remain. “Through these various outreach efforts, Nantucket Footprints will work to create a landscape where every individual plays a crucial role in actively caring and safeguarding the island’s breathtaking beauty and longevity.”


Steps to minimize waste, learn about the health of the harbors, grow pollinator and native species gardens, and buy local foods all have an incredibly positive impact—individually and collectively. By engaging in best practices, residents and visitors can foster long-lasting changes in the island community—an effort that can resonate worldwide.  


Whether you are a resident, a frequent visitor or someone who cherishes the wonders of Nantucket from afar, Remain invites its followers to be part of the ever-growing community of passionate individuals who share a common goal: To protect and cherish the natural wonders of the world for generations to come.


Positive global change starts by taking small steps locally.

Virtual Garden Tours

Take a VR tour of Nantucket Conservation Foundation's biodiversity meadow in the Resources section below

PFAS Podcast

Meet the PFAS Action Group to learn about PFAS, where it's found and what you can do to minimize exposure

Reducing Waste

Footprints supports the annual Nantucket Litter Derby and other community engagement opportunities

Partner: Nantucket Land & Water Council

The Nantucket Land & Water Council is dedicated to preserving the health of Nantucket’s environment and community through the protection of the island’s land and water resources.

Explore the Nantucket Land & Water Council

Partner: Nantucket PFAS Action Group

The Nantucket PFAS Action Group’s mission is to create an educational resource for Nantucket residents to learn more about the hazards of PFAS affecting our island.

Explore Nantucket PFAS Action Group

Partner: Nantucket Conservation Foundation

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation owns, protects, and stewards over 9,000 acres of land and coastal shoreline. It conserves Nantucket’s rare and significant natural resources, engages in impactful ecological research, shares environmental expertise and offers educational and recreational opportunities.

Explore Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Partner: Nantucket Land Bank

The Land Bank is a conservation program created to acquire, hold and manage important open spaces and endangered landscapes for the use and enjoyment of the general public. It also applies conservation, recreation and agriculture efforts to its properties.

Explore Nantucket Land Bank
“Nantucket Footprints provides the community with a centralized resource of information on Nantucket-based environmental initiatives and events. Footprints assists island organizations with communicating to a broader audience interested and engaged in supporting a sustainable future for Nantucket. We are truly grateful for the partnership and support.”

Executive Director, Nantucket Land and Water Council

Virtual Garden Tour


Resources and Press


Read the latest news about Remain Nantucket, Remain Ventures and our many island partners who are working to make the community more sustainable, viable and resilient. Please come back frequently for updates.

Single-Use Plastics Campaigns

A plastics awareness campaign called Stop the Straw was launched by the Town of Nantucket’s ACKLocal program, in collaboration with Maria Mitchell Association and Remain Nantucket in the spring of 2018. While its purpose was to voluntarily encourage businesses and consumers to eliminate single-serve plastic straws and stirrers by encouraging sustainable alternatives, its influence rippled…

Nantucket Environment

Stop the Straw Campaign

To reduce the impact of single-use plastics in our landfill and harbor, ReMain joined the Stop the Straw campaign initiated by ACKLOCAL for the Town of Nantucket. Collaborating alongside Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket Department of Public Works (DPW), the Nantucket Dreamland, and The Inquirer & Mirror, a multi-level approach was taken to generate strong awareness and encourage change. Several free film screenings of Straws and Plastic…

Nantucket Community

Biodiversity Meadow Tour

In the fall of 2023, Nantucket Footprints partnered with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation to launch the first in a series of virtual garden tours, an immersive experience showcasing sustainable and resilient gardens that not only captivate with their natural beauty but also underscore their vital role in our island environment. By incorporating supportive plant species into…

Nantucket Environment

Choices & Impacts Podcast with Nantucket Footprints

In 2022, Nantucket Footprints launched its podcast Choices and Impacts. When it comes to the health of our Nantucket neighbors, our island, and our planet, the choices you make are yours, but the impacts reach us all. In Choices and Impacts with Nantucket Footprints you get to meet the thinkers and doers who are creating…

Nantucket Environment

Architectural Salvage Workshop Commercial

In the fall of 2023, Remain Nantucket continued its partnership with the Nantucket Preservation Trust on exploring deconstruction, salvage and reuse on the island with a public workshop featuring experts from San Antonio, Texas and Savannah, Georgia, alongside local stakeholders, to delve into deconstruction strategies and circular economy models. Watch the commercial for the workshop…

Nantucket Community

Remain Nantucket is committed to supporting the evolution of a healthy year-round community across the island. Remain taps into continuous dialogue to identify challenges and explore solutions. By supporting resourceful thinking and research, Remain builds on Nantucket’s traditions of independence and innovation while adding expertise from a worldwide network. Remain Nantucket, LLC engages in charitable work and community investments as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Remain Nantucket