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Single-Use Plastics Campaigns

A plastics awareness campaign called Stop the Straw was launched by the Town of Nantucket’s ACKLocal program, in collaboration with Maria Mitchell Association and Remain Nantucket in the spring of 2018. While its purpose was to voluntarily encourage businesses and consumers to eliminate single-serve plastic straws and stirrers by encouraging sustainable alternatives, its influence rippled swiftly across the island. The success of the effort inspired Nantucketers to do more than just eliminate one single-use plastic item.





A citizen’s petition was filed by a Nantucket resident in October 2018 to ban the distribution, sale and commercial use of certain single-use plastics on the island. Voters approved the proposal, which was later written into a by-law banning plastic water bottles, six-pack yokes, coffee pods, non-compostable plates and utensils, drinking cups and lids and, yes, those darn straws and drink stirrers. The ban goes into effect on June 1, 2020. Read more about the plastics ban on the Town of Nantucket’s website.


Learn more about correct trash sorting on Nantucket with the video below and then access the Nantucket Trash Sorting Signage for your home or office.