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Choices & Impacts Podcast with Nantucket Footprints

In 2022, Nantucket Footprints launched its podcast Choices and Impacts. When it comes to the health of our Nantucket neighbors, our island, and our planet, the choices you make are yours, but the impacts reach us all. In Choices and Impacts with Nantucket Footprints you get to meet the thinkers and doers who are creating a brighter future for the island and sending ripples of change around the world. Find out how you can, too.


Episode One: PFAS 101
It’s the biggest chemical threat you may not know enough about. It’s in the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the food you eat. PFAS has been around for decades but it’s only now that we’re realizing the enormity of its exposure around us and the impacts it has on our health and environment. Meet two Nantucket women who are doing something about it—and learn what you can do, too! Download our link below to listen at your leisure.


Download Episode One #everychoicehasanimpact