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Virna Gonzalez

By 970design

Virna promised herself that she would enjoy Nantucket “for six months” in 2002 before returning to her native New York City and her career as the owner and creative director of a graphic design studio. However, the natural beauty of the island, coupled with its tight-knit community, swept her away, and she has lived here ever since. In 2008, she joined Remain’s then two-person micro team.

As project and marketing manager at Remain, Virna provides veteran expertise in grant management, tenant management, program development and communications. Her creative thinking, relationship-building skills and enthusiasm ignite collaborations and innovative initiatives with nonprofits and businesses, particularly in the areas of sustainability awareness and education, arts and culture, healthy lands and oceans, salvage, reuse and recycling. She is also the curator of Nantucket Footprints and led the State designation for the Nantucket Cultural District. Virna holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from St. John’s University.