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Cecil Barron Jensen

By 970design

Cecil moved to Nantucket in 1996 and worked for a number of the island’s preeminent nonprofits before assuming the role of Remain’s executive director in 2018. She focuses on developing Remain’s mission-related activities and long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, economic development and community engagement. Previously, she worked for the Artists Association of Nantucket, the Nantucket New School and the Nantucket Historical Association.

Some of Remain’s signature initiatives launched during Cecil’s tenure include Nantucket Footprints, More Nantucket and the Envision Resilience Challenge. In addition, under her leadership the organization has focused on food systems, food insecurity, affordable housing, architectural salvage reuse and nature-based solutions to climate challenges. Cecil has expertise in publications and public relations, community development, educational programming, fundraising and strategic planning and currently serves as a member of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Cecil is a graduate of Middlebury College, with a bachelor’s degree in English.