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Remain Welcomes New Tenant to 35 Centre Street in Spring of 2019

NANTUCKET, Mass. (February 21, 2019) — ReMain Ventures is pleased to welcome a new tenant to its building at 35 Centre Street. Owned and operated by Kevin Anderson (and team), the new bakery and mercantile will open in the spring of 2019.


After an extensive vetting process, ReMain Ventures selected Anderson and his partners to take over from Petticoat Row Bakery. Anderson is currently the general manager and director of operations for the Galley, After House, and Maven restaurants. Petticoat Row Bakery is closing its doors on February 24 after nine years.


“Kevin and his team match our vision to have a vibrant year-round business that complements the downtown landscape of high-quality retail and lively restaurants,” said Wendy Schmidt, President of The Schmidt Family Foundation and founder of ReMain.  “We are confident that this new business will fit in well with existing downtown establishments and develop positive collaborative relationships with other businesses.”


“We had an initial field of six applicants for the opportunity,” said ReMain Ventures executive director Cecil Barron Jensen. “It was exciting for us to receive so many strong proposals. Nantucket truly is a place that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit.”


The final selection was made based on their good match to the ReMain vision for the business and their expected use of the space. “They will bring fresh ideas to the current retail and kitchen business, while also offering some continuity to our customers and the Island community,” said Jensen.


In addition to operating as a bakery focused on making breads and pastries, Anderson plans to offer pantry items, local artisanal products, and home kitchen accouterments.


“We are really excited for the opportunity to open a new and innovative business in the downtown community,” said Anderson. “In addition to offering a selection of high-quality retail baked goods, we believe there is an opportunity to collaborate with local restaurants. We are looking forward to featuring one-of-a-kind pantry items and gifts made on Nantucket, including jams, honey, chocolates, salts, candles and other kitchenware items.”


Remain Nantucket and Remain Ventures are funded by Wendy Schmidt and her husband Eric to support the economic, social and environmental vitality of the island of Nantucket. In addition to Remain Nantucket providing grants and sponsorships to support sustainable and cultural initiatives across the island, Remain Nantucket has worked in conjunction with Remain Ventures to revitalize the downtown district year-round through the preservation of historic buildings that are home to a mix of nonprofit and commercial businesses.



February 21, 2019

CONTACT: Virna Gonzalez