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ReMain Nantucket Supports Innovative Solar Project at Wiggles Way

NANTUCKET, Mass. August 31, 2022 — In support of Housing Nantucket’s goal to operate the new Wiggles Way affordable rental housing development with net-zero energy usage, ReMain Nantucket is
helping to fund the construction of an on-site solar power installation. Housing Nantucket’s latest
affordable rental housing development is currently under construction on Fairgrounds Road.
The solar installation, approved by the Historic District Commission (HDC), will be situated atop
a parking pergola structure on the property, the first such installation on Nantucket. The
renewable energy will be used to offset utilities for the residents, a concept that has been tested
by Housing Nantucket on six other properties and funded by the Community Foundation for
Nantucket’s ReMain Fund.


Housing Nantucket’s mission is to support and provide equitable housing solutions for
Nantucket’s year-round community. With the solar installation, Housing Nantucket expects to
produce 133 MWh of electricity per year at the site, amounting to an annual savings of $30,000
for the nonprofit and its tenants. Over the course of 25 years (factoring in a 3.0% annual utility
increase), this will amount to $1.1 million in savings for these families most in need as well as
reduce the island’s reliance on fossil fuels.


“This project is an opportunity to demonstrate creative solutions that can make clean energy
affordable and accessible," said Wendy Schmidt, founder of ReMain Nantucket. "ReMain
Nantucket is pleased to help advance, in our corner of the world, the global, community-driven
effort for a just transition to renewable energy.”


“Financial support from ReMain allows us to bring clean power to year-round working families,”
said Anne Kuszpa, director of Housing Nantucket. “High utility costs consume a significant
portion of the household budget for many islanders, and present a barrier to financial stability.
By assisting with the large upfront expenses associated with the installation, ReMain Nantucket
allows us to bring the benefits of renewable energy—lower and stabilized energy costs—directly
to this underserved population.”


ReMain Nantucket is the latest organization to join this public-private partnership between the
municipality, nonprofits and the private sector. Housing Nantucket bought the two-acre property
at 31 Fairgrounds Road in 2021 from the family of Fred “Wiggles” Coffin, who died in 2004.
Grants and a construction loan were appropriated by the town’s Affordable Housing Trust using
funds allocated by Town Meeting voters.


Wiggles Way will feature 22 apartments across eight buildings. The one-, two-, and three-
bedroom rental units will be restricted to year-round residents earning 50 to 150% of the area’s
median income. Generating solar power on site is a key component in Housing Nantucket’s goal
to operate the facility with net-zero energy usage, combined with energy efficiency measures
implemented by design.


In addition to building three LED certified buildings in the historic district and supporting the
Nantucket High School’s wind turbine, ReMain Nantucket has invested in many renewable
energy projects through the Community Foundation for Nantucket’s ReMain Fund. In addition,
ReMain Ventures installed a new solar system on a pergola at the Nantucket Culinary Center on
Federal Street, providing energy to the building while also allowing visitors to charge their
electronic devices.


ReMain Nantucket and ReMain Ventures are funded by Wendy Schmidt and her husband
Eric to support the economic, social and environmental vitality of the island of Nantucket. In
addition to ReMain Nantucket providing grants and sponsorships to support sustainable and
cultural initiatives across the island, ReMain Nantucket has worked in conjunction with ReMain
Ventures to revitalize the downtown district year-round through the preservation of historic
buildings that are home to a mix of nonprofit and commercial businesses.


Established in 1994, Housing Nantucket is the only not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization
dedicated to creating mixed-income rental and homeownership solutions for the Nantucket
community. Housing Nantucket has created 146 homes permanently restricted for
income-qualified year-round residents, including 108 Covenant homes and 38 scattered-site
Affordable Rentals. Housing Nantucket offers First-Time Homebuyer Education classes,
advocates for affordable housing initiatives Island-wide, and provides long-term community
housing stewardship for current and future generations. For more information, visit or call (508) 228-4422.



August 31, 2022

CONTACT: Anne Kuszpa

CONTACT: Cecil Barron Jensen