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Nantucket Footprints Launches First Virtual Reality Garden Tour: An Interactive, Educational Experience of the Island’s Native Biodiversity

NANTUCKET, Mass. October 23, 2023 — Nantucket Footprints—a program of ReMain Nantucket—is releasing the first of a series of virtual garden tours starting October 23. The Nantucket Footprints Virtual Garden Tour is an immersive experience through various sustainable and resilient gardens that highlight their necessity within our local ecosystem alongside its natural beauty. Its goal is to offer inspiration, insight and resources for the community while influencing the development of resilient gardens in their own outdoor spaces. By incorporating supportive plant species into personal landscapes, each of us contribute to the island’s natural biodiversity and inherent resilience in the face of climate change.


The inaugural tour, a “Native Biodiversity Meadow” in collaboration with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, features the island’s most diverse and native species that contribute invaluable roles to the local ecosystem and fortify Nantucket’s resilience.


Key features of these tours include an introductory video from hosting land stewards about the garden and their work. As part of the tour’s interactive elements, viewers can “walk” through the garden by selecting the tour’s navigational arrows. They can stop at various species to dive deeper into each plant’s story by selecting pop-up tags. Their stories enhance the understanding of the island’s flora and are downloadable for personal reference to cultivate future gardens.


Several more tours are planned with other non-profit collaborators including a pollinator garden, coastal garden, rain garden and sustainable lawns. All of these unique experiences promise more opportunities to support the island’s natural beauty and continued health.


To access the Nantucket Footprints Virtual Garden Tour, visit our VR landing page. For any inquiries or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Footprints’ project manager, Virna Gonzalez.


Nantucket Footprints—a program of ReMain Nantucket— is an online resource that curates news, events, research, educational resources, and webinars on issues that touch the environment, resiliency and sustainability to spark conversation and awareness. It was created in 2019 with a focus to amplify the efforts of non-profit organizations and municipalities who are doing valuable work to preserve and care for our island. Footprints’ believes “Every choice has an impact.”


Nantucket Conservation Foundation owns, protects, and stewards over 9,000 acres of land and coastal shoreline, conserves Nantucket’s rare and significant natural resources, and engages in impactful ecological research to inform resource management and further our knowledge of Nantucket’s unique ecosystems and species.



October 23, 2023

CONTACT: Virna Gonzalez

(917) 494-0187