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Nantucket Data Platform Nantucket

The Nantucket Data Platform (NDP) and Community Data Platforms (CDP) use data, analysis and visualizations to help communities make better decisions. 

The Vision

Making important decisions shouldn’t be “anyone’s guess.” By delivering reliable data analytics through dashboards and visualizations, the information becomes actionable.  

The Mission

NDP and CDP help leaders better understand and better serve their community through data science.

The Project

was made possible through Remain Nantucket.

Reliable Multi-Sourced Data and Advanced Analytics

Big Data on Nantucket

Data Company Grew Out of the Question: How Many People Live on Nantucket?

In the fall of 2016, a group of Nantucket residents gathered to talk about their beloved community and were surprised, and a little dismayed, to learn that they could not describe its population clearly. They determined that in a seasonal community, with a population that changes over the months, weeks or even days, it was impossible to make meaningful decisions. The group agreed that it was critical to know how many people are present on the island so social services can be right-sized and so infrastructure planning is accurate. In the absence of reliable data analytics, too many critical questions are answered with anecdotes.


That discussion launched the Nantucket Data Platform, an energetic collaboration between data scientists, demographers, data visualizers and writers, supported by local leaders from businesses, nonprofits and government. Remain Nantucket became the new business’s first client as they spent a year working on two seemingly simple questions: What is the island’s population and who are these folks? The result was a report published in 2018 called Making It Count.


Since then, the NDP and CDP has continued to answer this same question with an updated Effective Population Study published in 2023, revealing complete data details from 2014 to 2022. In addition, NDP and CDP has helped town leaders identify new in-demand air routes using mobility data, built a reliable dashboard to track leading economic indicators for the finance department and assessed the affordable housing landscape. With Remain’s support, NDP also conducted a survey to understand what the Nantucket community values the most, identify the impact of the various waste streams for the Town’s Department of Public Works and support better decision making for the regional transit authority with a customer survey. 


To learn more about the NDP and CDP, please visit their website.  


How many people live, work and visit Nantucket


Making better decisions based on understanding what the community really cares about


Using data to manage growth on Nantucket

Partner: Community Data Platforms

The Community Data Platforms’ toolkit for communities is supported by a global data science team that leverages reliable, multi-sources datasets and provides advanced analytics. 

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By the numbers

The 2023 population study conducted by the Nantucket Data Platform provided a crystal-clear view of the ebb and flow of people coming and going as they arrive and leave the island. The team was able to identify a significant percent increase in the island’s peak summertime population in 2022 compared to 2014. Additionally, they were able to say that the number of workers on Nantucket hasn’t matched the growth, meaning that the ratio of workers to visitors has widened considerably.


The data has been extensively peer-reviewed and provides the details to back-up the anecdotal stories of worker and housing shortages. By providing good, reliable data, the Nantucket Data Platform and Remain believe that island leaders have the tools to make wise and meaningful decisions as they look toward the end of the decade.


  • 20,380

    Year-round population in 2022
  • 48,050

    Peak population in 2022
  • 10,160

    Peak number of workers in 2022
  • 48,500

    Predicted peak population in 2027
“Community Data Platforms’ role will be to count the things we can count. Remain’s role will be to engage the community and facilitate the conversations. Nantucket is not the only place that feels loved to death by its seasonal population. The policy dials and levers are out there but leaders need objective data to make evidence-based decisions.”

Co-Founder and CEO, Community Data Platforms

Resources and Press


Read the latest news about Remain Nantucket, Remain Ventures and our many island partners who are working to make the community more sustainable, viable and resilient. Please come back frequently for updates.

Nantucket Data Platform Releases: The Effective Population Study, 2023

This effort merges public and private data, including trip-level data from ferries and airlines, with ground-breaking data science. It offers a detailed portrait of daily changes in the island’s population. The drop-downs tools in the online version of the report help you focus on specific areas of interest and allow you to view a…

Nantucket Community

Want to Live on Nantucket? Study Finds it Costs $150k for a Family of Four

WCAI (December 4, 2019) — Most of us probably know about how much money we make each year. But, do you know exactly how much it actually costs for you to get through each day? Can you easily tally up your housing, transportation, food and even childcare costs? Listen to the story from WCAI here.

Nantucket Local Economy

Summer population up 69 percent, but workforce down

The Inquirer & Mirror (August 5, 2022) — They are numbers that describe life on this island and the growth that seems to be changing that way of life. They reflect a 69 percent increase in the island’s peak summertime population between 2014 and 2021, and a 13 percent decline in the seasonal workforce, reported…

Nantucket Local Economy

Making It Count

In a seasonal community, with a population that changes over the months, weeks or even days, it was impossible to make meaningful decisions without having concrete data. Knowing how many people are present on the island is essential if social services is to be right-sized, infrastructure planning is accurate, and solid waste flows can be…

Nantucket Community

Remain Nantucket is committed to supporting the evolution of a healthy year-round community across the island. Remain taps into continuous dialogue to identify challenges and explore solutions. By supporting resourceful thinking and research, Remain builds on Nantucket’s traditions of independence and innovation while adding expertise from a worldwide network. Remain Nantucket, LLC engages in charitable work and community investments as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Remain Nantucket