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Nantucket Cultural District Nantucket

Remain assembled an advisory committee that would eventually initiate an application to the Massachusetts Cultural Council to become the Nantucket Cultural District. Nantucket was granted its designation in 2016. 

The Vision

To boost the local community by improving access to the enjoyment of arts and culture for residents and visitors alike.

The Mission

To underscore the importance of arts and culture to our health and happiness and to our local economy.

The Project

was made possible through Remain Nantucket.

Robust Arts In A Historic Designation

A Massachusetts Cultural District

The Nantucket Cultural District is filled with arts, history and culture

In January 2016, island organizations including the Town’s Office of Culture & Tourism, the Nantucket Arts Council, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket and the Artists Association of Nantucket guided Nantucket to becoming one of the 55 Cultural Districts across the state.


The Nantucket Cultural District (NCD), which includes businesses, restaurants, churches and arts and cultural organizations, collaborates to offer live performances, concerts, lectures, exhibits and other cultural experiences and exciting events throughout the year.


The district now operates with the support of the Massachusetts Cultural District and Remain Nantucket and under the leadership of the Town’s Office of Culture and Tourism. At the heart of their work is the belief that a thriving creative sector is among a community’s most powerful economic development assets and one that contributes greatly to the overall well-being of residents and visitors alike. 


Visit the Nantucket Cultural District to learn more about the events, programs, concerts and lectures taking place every week on Nantucket or follow on Instagram at the @nantucket_cultural_district.

NCD Kiosk

NCD hosts an interactive kiosk, currently located at the Visitor Services office, that allows people to scroll through all upcoming partner events

Community Events

NCD partners with local groups and organizations to host arts and cultural events year round


Nantucket Dreamland Film and Cultural Center musicals and other community performances are highlights of the NCD

Partner: Nantucket Cultural District

The Nantucket Cultural District is a walkable geographic area in the heart of downtown Nantucket filled with arts, history and culture. Learn about the cultural institutions and businesses located within the district and check out the schedule for live performances, concerts, lectures, exhibits and other exciting events throughout the year.

Explore the Nantucket Cultural District

Partner: Nantucket Visitor Services Department

Visiting Nantucket, whether for your first time or returning to your longtime home, sparks joy and excitement and anticipation. Both during the summer and off seasons, there is so much to offer in this special place and the Visitor Services Department can help you each step of the way.  

Explore the Nantucket Visitor Services Department

By the numbers

The Nantucket Cultural District believes in the synergy of arts and business working together, made up of both district partners and cultural partners who are part of the greater network.

  • 30

    Active cultural partners
  • 24

    Annual festivals and events
  • 17

    Museums to visit
  • 16

    Art galleries to enjoy
“Partnering with Remain on the redesignation, rebranding and relaunch of the Nantucket Cultural District has been a breath of fresh air. The level of support from the Remain Nantucket team, coupled with access to their world-renowned experts has afforded us the opportunity to truly assess Nantucket’s cultural temperature so that we can continue to position the island as a premier cultural heritage site.”

Director of Culture & Tourism, Town of Nantucket

Resources and Press


Read the latest news about Remain Nantucket, Remain Ventures and our many island partners who are working to make the community more sustainable, viable and resilient. Please come back frequently for updates.

ReMain Nantucket Releases Study of Island’s Cultural Offerings

NANTUCKET, Mass. March 12, 2020 — ReMain Nantucket will release the results of a new study examining Nantucket’s cultural programming that explores Nantucket’s cultural landscape and reveals opportunities for collaboration among the Island’s many organizations. The study and report were prepared by EBP, a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in evaluation and analysis supporting planning and…

Nantucket Community

Remain Nantucket is committed to supporting the evolution of a healthy year-round community across the island. Remain taps into continuous dialogue to identify challenges and explore solutions. By supporting resourceful thinking and research, Remain builds on Nantucket’s traditions of independence and innovation while adding expertise from a worldwide network. Remain Nantucket, LLC engages in charitable work and community investments as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Remain Nantucket